what is simply conscious all about?

We believe that humanity and our planet earth as a whole exists as one interconnected being and that once we as individuals increase our understanding of this interconnectedness, we’ll naturally start to think, speak and act in accordance with this new understanding. As we live more conscious lives from a place of personal truth and freedom, we start to see the positive change in our own lives and the world as a whole.

Our aim is to bring content, products and services to a widely accessible platform. From all areas of life and from all corners of the globe.

Our personal life journey has lead us to increased awareness and the awakening from the hypnosis of our conditioned thinking and illusion of our ego.

Our desire is to not just deepen our own understanding and experience of the magic, miracle and mystery of life, but also be of service to others by sharing these insights. Anyone attracted to this knowledge and its teachings has the desire and capacity for the actual experience of a real awakening.

Discovering and exploring new information, and gaining increased understanding of the interconnectedness of everything will lead to a change in consciousness and therefore a natural change in behaviour.
We live in special and unique times where this ‘secret’ knowledge is available and accessible, accelerating humanity’s collective awakening. This awakening is easily visible and noticeable in a more and more polarised world. It starts with education and discovering for ourselves what extraordinary levels of human experience of consciousness is possible.
Being open and accepting that we don’t have all the answers lies at the root of gaining this deeper understanding. We’re practically exploring what we can do right now to shift to a higher level of consciousness and understanding.