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at Simply Conscious we believe in the wisdom of the crowd, the genius of the everyday person. we believe that by sharing unfiltered agenda-free content we support and empower each other to get more out of life.

the mission is simple - to create a place where human values like open communication and authentic relating are celebrated. where business is in service of our collective evolution and created with a purpose beyond profit.

if you feel called to get involved, get in touch. it all start with connecting.


meet Daniel


I believe and have experienced that in the right environment with the right support magical transformations and healing can occur.

my vision for Simply Conscious is to create such a place.

a safe playground where we can share, learn and evolve together.

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meet Pete


when we connect deeply and authentically from our truth the possibilities are endless.

people tell me that in my presence they get clear. it's a gift that was hidden to me and comes from truly listening, this and a keen interest in others has become my north star, my guiding principle. 

in Simply Conscious i believe we are creating space for everyone to experience endless possibilities.

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wisdom council

as founders we're excited about our vision and we know it's easy to get carried away with the mission. this is why we have created the wisdom council. think of it as guardians of impeccability and truth. how does it work? simple. periodically we meet and share updates on the direction and progress of Simply Conscious. we invite feedback and guidance to make sure we stay aligned with the core values of Simply Conscious. council members are invited and every new member is approved by the fellows of the council.

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paolo ben salmi

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sabrina ben salmi

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andrew priestley

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daniel wagner

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pete craig

creators, supporters & contributors

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ana lee

ana looks after operations and processes for Simply Conscious and the Everyday Genius podcast making sure everything runs smoothly. she's also a regular contributor to the blog

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elliot chapman

elliot is the co-founder of the london-based no-nonsense innovative b2b sales and marketing agency advises on social media marketing.

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kasia patzelt

kasia is an embodiment coach and writer. passionate about integrating our spiritual experiences into the here and now of daily life aka how to be truly heart intelligent. 

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